Does your pet need to socialize with other dogs or have exercise while you’re at work? Perhaps you are just going to be gone for the day, and leaving your pet at home is not an option. Whatever the reason, our Doggie Day Care can meet your needs. We are always here for you and your pet!!!

We provide supervised play and toys during your pet’s stay so they never get bored or lonely while you’re away.

If your pet prefers not to interact with others, or just wants to sit on the sidelines and watch the others play, we have a designated area where they can relax and take it easy.

The next time you’re faced with leaving your pet for the day, just imagine how much fun they’d have visiting us at Ozark Hills K-9 Inn. And if you’re not sure, feel free to stop by and see for yourself how large, comfortable, and committed we really are.

Please keep in mind, our Day Care dogs must be non-aggressive. After all, your pet will be spending lots of time with other pets, and we want all of our guests to be safe and have fun while they’re here.

For the health and safety of all our guests, all dogs must have a current veterinary vaccination record which must include DPP/ Rabies/ Bordetella. All dogs must be flea/tick free. Any dog found infected with be treated at owner’s expense.

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